A stunt is any scene that involves an element of danger or risk to the people involved or around the scene. Years ago, the production company would just hire a stuntperformer to take on the role with the most risk. That way if someone would be injured, he would be replacable.

Nowadays all action scenes should be arranged by a qualified stunt coordinator.

The stunt coordinator creates an environment where cast & crew can create together. All elements of risk, technical issues, physical limitations, desired shots, ... can all be planned, budgeted and choreographed.

The stunt coordinator then hires his team of stuntperformers based on the required scene. With specific training the risk can be mitigated and the shot can be that much greater.

Our stunt performers train specific skills to reduce the risks of our profession.

We spend our time practicing jump off the roof at our facility, falling down stairs, getting beat up,... Anything that prepares us for a hard day of shooting.

Our stunt performers also come from all walks of life and add different specialities to the table. Some come from a circus background, some from motocross, some our riggers, but all of them love what they do and strive to be the best!