Cables and wires make it possible for a performer to do things that would otherwise not be. This could be because of the laws of physics, or because it would be too dangerous.

You could ask someone to jump from one appartement building to another, but should you? What if he falls and gets injured or worse?

Rigging allowes us to make the jump on a wire, making it 100% safe. It also allows us to make a jump further than what would be possible.

We are specialized in all form of rigging and wirework. We can create any effect you need, where you need it.

Sometimes wires or cables are not possible or are not the easiest solution. Having a person fly indoors with not a lot of height clearance does not make sense.

In this case we could build a dolly to carry the person and float him around the room from underneath.

What about making a car flip without a ramp, or turning it around its axis. We can fabricate custom designs to do basically anything.

Stuck on a difficult story board or concept for a commercial? Get in touch and maybe we can build something to ease the process.